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“The South deserves people like me.” That’s what Black trans activist Kayla Gore told interviewer Myrl Beam during their conversation last year. But for many trans activists of color, the South hasn’t always been an easy place to call home. That’s why, on this episode of Transcripts, we’re doing a deep dive into how trans Southerners find their place in the South, even if it means literally building the houses themselves. With the voices of Aurora Higgs (Richmond, VA), Toni-Michelle Williams (Atlanta, GA), Kya Concepcion (Marietta, GA), Mariah Moore (New Orleans, LA), Jay Corprew (Virginia Beach, VA), and Kayla Gore (Memphis, TN), and hosted by scholar Myrl Beam and community leader Andrea Jenkins, Transcripts: The South Deserves People Like Me is a thoughtful exploration of home, family, and belonging through a trans of color lens.


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This episode dug deep into issues like trans life in the South and housing justice activism. Hear more from our guests on these topics and learn how you can get involved.

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Myrl Beam, senior project scholar, producer, and oral historian for the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project.
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Myra Billund-Phibbs, production assistant.

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